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About us

Massi Eyewear


The MASSI brand was established in 2013, while SCARLET OAK has been operating on the market since 2017.

Since then, our frames have combined functionality, design and fashion as we believe that style begins with eyewear.

Innovation, constant search for inspiration, focus on quality and comfort are values​ that have guided us for years. We firmly stick to them to this day.

Our Design Team work on each frame. They watch the production over from drawing to the final design, and constantly seek new technical and aesthetic solutions.

All products that we sell are thoroughly tested. Therefore, we are sure that customers receive carefully selected models that every member of our team believes in.

When developing the MASSI and SCARLET OAK brands, we strive to constantly expand our horizons, change the way we think about eyeglass frames, and we never stop looking for inspiration in the world around us. We value classic solutions, but we are also up to date with news from the world of fashion, art and design.


Classic at its best. The Basic Collection combines the most proven shapes, patterns and colours. It includes models that will catch an eye of every classic admirer who values quality, comfort and a great fit in frames.


One corrective frame and two clip-on sunglasses attached. The SHADES collection is a special mix of fashion and utility. Each frame that is a part of the collection perfectly matches both shapes of clip-ons, namely CAT-EYE and SQUARE. It is only up to you which one you choose.


The FLAIRY collection is feminine, delicate, graceful, yet full of surprises. It is also diverse and remarkably consistent. Each eyewear piece created as part of the FLAIRY collection exudes feminine charm.


Distinctive, bold patterns and an unusual choice and combination of frames from the best Italian producers. HARD & BEAT is a collection for those who do not compromise on frames! Take a risk, choose one of the amazing models from this collection and make it uniquely yours.

Scarlet Oak for Women
Scarlet Oak for Men


When creating the SCARLET OAK collection, we draw inspiration from the world around us, including fashion, art, architecture and design. We believe that everything starts with a look from the right perspective.

Each model of the SCARLET OAK brand has its own story, therefore each of them invariably delights clients with unusual design and outstanding quality of work.


Combiantion of fashion, comfort and unusual quality of manufacture. Selection of best quality metal and acetate. Designed to answer for the most demanding customer’s needs. Choose your model from more than 30 extraordinary patterns and catch the sun with newest MASSI Sunglasses collection.